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Glenna Knits

My knitter friends, just in case you were ever under the assumption that experienced knitters have reached that level because they do everything perfectly all the time, never procrastinate, and make no shortcuts or bad habits at any time during the knitting process, let me divest you of that assumption right now. I’m here to tell you that some of those habits die very hard – for me, the procrastination impulse especially.


Here I am looking around mopingly at the pile of half-a-dozen-or-more Works In Progress left unfinished, and realizing that, hey, you know those mittens you got about 85% finished with? All you need are a couple more glove fingers and the final mitten tops and you are DONE. DONESKI. This week I finally just sat down and made myself do the annoying fiddly bits that I was avoiding for no good reason whatsoever, and now I’m on track…

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