A stitch in time … stuff


Another day and I find my desire to knit waned .  I haven’t any idea why , it’s perplexing and it makes me worry about myself. Sometimes,  my knitting is all consuming , the needles fly manically along in a comforting rhythm and minutes melt into hours.
Then, like today it’s a discarded lover, set aside but not forgotten . My hand caresses the wooly soft beauty of it, and stops . Frankly, it makes me very sad, not having the comittment to the everday practice. Although,  if I did…
Would it be as exciting, or satisfying ? Every fiber of my being feels guilty about this.
Maybe, the idea of it being a chore rather than a pleasure keeps me from my love.
Perhaps,  as I wait, in a little while my desire will return to attentive  pursuits of finished objects, and find my love of knitting satisfying again . 


6 thoughts on “A stitch in time … stuff

  1. Thank you for following my new blog! And may you find joy in your knitting every day. Caress it even on days when you can’t stitch. Keep it simple, free, and fun. Knitting brings peace and joy to those who open themselves to the wonder of it. Have a Knitterly day!

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