A stitch in time … stuff

An Occasional Knitter


Another day and I find my desire to knit waned . I haven’t any idea why , it’s perplexing and it makes me worry about myself. Sometimes, my knitting is all consuming , the needles fly manically along in a comforting rhythm and minutes melt into hours.
Then, like today it’s a discarded lover, set aside but not forgotten . My hand caresses the wooly soft beauty of it, and stops . Frankly, it makes me very sad, not having the comittment to the everday practice. Although, if I did…
Would it be as exciting, or satisfying ? Every fiber of my being feels guilty about this.
Maybe, the idea of it being a chore rather than a pleasure keeps me from my love.
Perhaps, as I wait, in a little while my desire will return to attentive pursuits of finished objects, and find my love of knitting satisfying again…

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