Top 10 Tips for Machine-sewn Steeks

When I get brave …

Two Strands

steek cutting Cutting the steek on my Wintergarden Pullover.

It’s that time of the year again!  Knitters scramble to finish up gifts, they scurry to gather provisions for the wintertime queue and I get inundated with frantic calls and emails about steeking – a finishing technique that’s central to stranded knitting – one that elicits shock and panic from the uninitiated, yet pride and delight from the practiced.  If you’re new to this concept and wonder “Why in the world would any sane knitter ever cut their knitting?!”, check out this old 7-page steeking tutorial of mine.  In a hurry?  (Who isn’t?!)  To get you through today’s really-not-at-all-terrifying task, here are my top ten tips on how to make your machine-sewn steeks a quick, and ever-lasting, success:

  1.  I would NOT use crocheted steeks on anything other than Shetland wool.  All smooth wool yarns, and ANY plant-based or synthetic yarns,

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