Epic Rip Out

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A Knitter's Grace


I bought a dress.

Yep. Forget this one I’m making. It’s not working out.

Allow me to explain…

I had been working diligently in the small margins of my life on the thread crochet overlay to my mother-of-the-bride dress. My skin to be comfortable in. My steady-me-whilst-I-plan-for-a-day-that-surely-I’m-not-old-enough-to-even-BE-a-mother-of-the-bride. You know, THAT one. It just wasn’t going so quickly and I decided to devote a whole day, well several hours in a day, to the making of this crocheted wonder. It was nearly finished, from knees all the way up to the shoulders. Yes.

By the end of the day, after numerous tryings-on attempting to convince myself that this is gonna work by golly! I found myself online, searching the webs for a dress, ANY dress, I might even remotely think of putting on my body that day.

I’ve looked online before. Oh yeah. AND in malls, and consignment shops, and well…

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