Kiwiyarns Knits

Hello!!  Happy weekend, and a Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow!  May you get very appropriately spoiled by your children and spouses!

This week has been a busy one. The boy finally came home from his epic overseas adventure, and the ‘mumcation’ was officially over.  Not that it was much of one… I think I worked for most of that time!

This is a rather lengthy post, so I’m going to summarise it here for your convenience:

  1. I’m introducing the Eriskay gansey sock MKAL and an invitation for you to join
  2. I’m sharing details of a couple of FOs, and
  3. I have an annoucement – the winner of the lovely goodies from Rose Marlow.

The Eriskay Gansey MKAL

Not too long ago, one of the lovely moderators of the Aussie Sock Knitters group on Ravelry invited me to join the group.  It so happens that they are currently hosting a gansey sock KAL.  I…

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