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A Knitter's Grace


“I wish there wasn’t this constant feeling of tension in my life,” I said to my husband as he did the dishes after dinner one evening.

I sat at the table explaining: I’m pulled in opposite directions – the necessity of getting everyday things done, over and against the desire to work on creative projects, paintings, knit/crochet creations. The longing to be present and available for dear friends who are hurting versus the reality of  family events and commitments at home. The need to check things off the to-do list for our daughter’s wedding and the desire to spend as much time with her as possible before she marries and moves away. These and many more seemingly opposite tensions that pull and tug at my heart and my calendar, can pile on top of me and threaten to bury me. I was venting as he listened patiently.

“Sounds to me like a knitting issue,” he…

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4 thoughts on “Tension

    1. I am knitting my first pair of socks. Soon grafting the toe of the first one. I posted it to a group and got a suggestion.
      Suggestion was that I should” frog it into a lovely ball of yarn”.
      Needless to say, it is a perfectly, imperfect sock. Lol !


      1. Oi! I would never say that to someone!! Keep knitting your socks!! I love that you affirm it is a perfectly imperfect sock!:) I’ve made over twenty pairs of socks and I STILL have errors and mishaps in each one!😜 my husband says that is what makes them beautiful…the evidence that a human made them! Knit on!


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