A truth

I’ve heard it said, “If you don’t want to know the truth, don’t ask”.
I posted to a sock knitting group a photo of my first attempt of knitting a sock. I can’t believe the time, and yarn that one sock takes to make !
I must admit to being quite proud of having a finished product that resembles the pattern ! After posting my small accomplishment on a sock knitters group, the reviews were less than stellar.
I posted, that it was my first sock, and thinking of finishing the toe and going on to the second sock ; after which I would frog the first.
I got a comment back.
“Why finish it, just curious “?
My answer: It might be an OCD thing , having to finish it.
Comment: ” You should frog it, it would make a lovely ball of yarn”.
My answer: I agree

Indeed, it was.


3 thoughts on “A truth

  1. Sometimes folks in the groups are not very nice. I personally understand why you might frog the first and start again because it’s something I have done, but I’m a perfectionist that way 😊 Don’t let them others make you feel bad, keep knitting and you will get it down to a science!


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