Little Loverlies and the 1st Pair of Socks!


Optimistic Urbansteader Fibers

We have had our most recent litter of French Angoras and gracious they are cute little boogers!  Two weeks old officially today, and very very active.  Ms. Madeline has been an incredible protective mother and taken good care of all 4 of them.  Although her litter was a bit smaller she hasn’t lost any, which is amazing!  They are all doing super well.  One of the little fawn with white spots is super rambunctious and zips around at the slightest disturbance.  I’ve nicknamed him “Dash” accordingly.  So happy and love these little sweeties!!


I’ve finally finished my first pair of socks!  I’m so proud that I took the plunge and made them.  I’m not super happy with the yarn, but i think the project came out pretty well still.  The yarn split, and although stretchy and well-fitting when I was knitting, when I gently hand washed the socks to block…

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