Mini Me Made May Roundup


Tin Can Knits

Mini Me Made May At times a camera was not what Neve wanted in her face!

The first month with a newborn is not the easiest… but the newest Tin Can Knits baby, Neve, has been a little dear (most of the time).

Dogwood Blanket by Tin Can Knits At just 3 days old, Neve was all wrapped up in the Dogwood Blanket, one of Emily’s first baby designs… conceived years before she was!

Between crying and cuddles, Emily has thoroughly enjoyed #minimemademay and snapped plenty of pics of the baby wardrobe!

Flax Light Pullover In the Flax Light Pullover (a free Simple Collection pattern), Neve looks just like her big brother did when he was a newborn!

Yawn – Everybody is a little tired when a new baby joins the family! Neve is cuddled close in the I Heart Rainbows pullover.

Despite yawns and afternoon naps, Emily had a fabulous time dressing up her little darling in the tiny newborn…

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