Photo shoot Behind the Scenes

Last week on March 8th, Amy Palmer and I hit the road to photograph the first book of the Fall 2017 collection in western Connecticut. We brought back the same team that worked on Portfolio Vol 3—Gale Zucker was our photographer, our stylist wasEmily Nora O’Neil, and the model’s hair and makeup was expertly done by Deanna Nickel. This one day shoot for Portfolio Vol 4 was the first of many long days photographing the upcoming Fall collection. What better way to spend Women’s Day then with a team of incredibly talented women.

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FO: A Sweet Little Sweater & Socks

Look at these precious socks and sweater, what a lovely gift to knit !

Yards of Happiness

My friends are having a baby boy in about a week or so and I missed their baby shower so I decided to whip up a little sweater for spring and some socks for baby Greyson.
For Greyson
Even though his name is Greyson I didn’t want to do all grey because that’s boring to me. So I went with pumpkin orange and charcoal grey trim for another Wee Sherlock sweater. Also I don’t like to cable that much so I omitted the cable down the middle with a simple garter stitch panel. It’s clean and simple and I like the look of it.
For Greyson
I really like this pattern for a different looking cardigan. I love the buttons going down the side inside of the middle. Although my pics make it look brown it’s more or a charcoal grey for the trim and the buttons. I was hoping that would give…

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WIP -stranded

Sometimes, it’s good that I have more bravery than brains, lol.
I’m teaching myself to do stranded knitting. It’s always been my motto to myself and sometimes my children that, “if you can read you can do”.
WIP( what’s in progress), is the Scott Cardigan from Rowan.

 ( Classic Winter book number 6).

 A zip up cardigan in a fairisle design.

This was hard,  much harder than my motto !  Not only learning stranding but, I found that I needed a “set up”. First came the inexpensive tray table to hold my “stuff” markers, sticky notes, ruler, crochet hook, pencil, scissors, pattern .

I made myself a little nesting area and realized quickly (although I enlarged the chart) it was very hard to see it well . Adding an ott light with magnifer now was added to the set up . I finally began to knit , yay !

As I went along, the lamp slowly started sliding down one side of the table .

This is my first lesson in stranding, if I can read it, I better read it several times and having been a former girl scout, be prepared , lol  !

 By the way, new motto : It takes a lot of $&#t to knit 😂